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The Formula to success…

When we caught up with Carlos de la Sotilla he celebrated how Escape offered him all the necessary tools to open the door to the VFX industry, but that a lot of hard work and passion was needed too. Emphasising hard work and determination, these were the words of wisdom Carlos would share with our fresh faced new students.

In the 2 years Carlos has been working in the film industry, he has really ‘put the oar in’, as they say, and has been enjoying the fruits of his labour – covering the genre spectrum on a number of different projects.

Having started off his artistic career storyboarding, in early 2011 he made the leap to come to Escape and commence his studies our 12 week compositing courses.

After graduating he soon landed a job through our well-oiled engine of a recruitment team – compositing for the same movie he had storyboarded for just some months previously!  

“Having the opportunity to experience the pre-production and post-production process was a real joy, and I must say since finishing at Escape I haven't stopped working. Escape has definitely been a very good and valuable choice.”

Since then Carlos has worked for Soho based Double Negative, applying his skills to the latest action packed instalment of James Bond ‘Skyfall’ and recently has earned the opportunity to work as a VFX assistant on set for an independent movie called ‘Grand Piano’. Elijah Wood and John Cusack, are just a couple of the names involved. Not bad eh?   

Speaking in reflection of the past 12 months Carlos explains,

“I would say it has been a year of my life where I have worked hardest, but having worked on so many movies in such a short time it has been the most interesting and exciting year at the same time”.

What a roaring success – great to hear that Carlos is doing so well. But we want to know, should you be up here? If you were a student here, drop us a line and let us know what you’re doing now!