Career Changes Ahead for Creative Pros

Career Changes Ahead for Creative Pros

A few weeks ago we launched our Creative Futures report, which looked at people in the creative industry and how they were prepared to take pay cuts and self fund their own training if it meant getting ahead in their careers.

This week we’re releasing some new stats from the report which show creative pros won’t stand still when it comes to their careers. According to our research, 57 per cent of creative pros believe the economic climate has caused them to think about a career change. And it seems many will take big steps to land their dream job - over a third of those surveyed agreed they would consider giving up work to develop their skills further.

No matter what is happening in the economy, it seems having the right job is still important. There is a tendency when times are tough to accept unhappy compromises in your careers, but our research shows creative pros won’t make this sacrifice. What steps have you taken to change careers or get more training to get the right job? I'd love to hear your stories.

You can download the full Creative Futures report here.

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Isabelle Duarte
Thu 18 Aug 2011: 11:11am

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  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hello Desmond,

    Thanks for sharing your story with us - I hope it provides inspiration to many others.


  • desmond wade:

    Hi there...i have been working in Architectural Practice since 1998 in the beginning i really enjoyed my work. But as time went on i realised it wasn't challenging my creativity. I have been always interested in Film VFX and Architectural Visualisations.
    It was in early 2008 when i lost my contracts due to the recession i started learning Maya and Zbrush, and now in 2011 i have enrolled on Mentored VFX Course at Escape Studdio.
    I believe this is what i should be doing, and know i am in the right company of people that will help me better my creative job opportunities.


  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for sharing your story. You are a perfect example of all the stories we have been hearing as part of the process of writing this report. It seems that for most creative pros, creativity is actually key to achieving work satisfaction.


  • Greg:

    After 5 years of working in the same company, I quit my job as a photo-retoucher for a large fashion retailer. I was getting payed 49K a year and there was very little, or no, creative career growth. I'm moved to Florida to "boot camp" my skills back and make myself more marketable.

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