Cancer Research UK host Game Jam, the result? Genes in Space.

Cancer Research UK host Game Jam, the result? Genes in Space.

Every now and then, pieces of technology (and those who create it) come along and make people say ‘wow’. Whether it be a mad VFX shot created by a 3D whiz, or an app you use daily that makes you say “WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS BEFORE!?”, more and more people are getting to grips with the building blocks of the digital world, and these kind of occurrences are only going to become more frequent.

This week we caught a glimpse of the video above, in which Cancer Research UK hosted a game jam; teams consisting of 5 coding creatives spent 48 hours on a project to create the world’s first free mobile game that uses the collective force of players to analyse real genetic data.

The result? Genes in Space.

Genes in space is a game that allows users to analyse genetic data which would have otherwise taken scientists hours to do so... while driving a rocket ship through space. This video gives a real insight as to how the result was achieved, and how technological minds have helped create something that produces tangible results in the real world. 


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