Can You ‘Recall’ The Original?

Can You ‘Recall’ The Original?

Yes, I really went there. A new trailer has been released for the updated version of Total Recall, and gone are the days of Arnie showing his rippling torso and basking in the limelight. This adaptation follows Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell) on his quest to find something better than his current life. After discovering ‘Rekall’, and being warned against it, he decides to rebel (against the norm, funnily enough) and visit the place regardless. This results in Doug Quaid having to question everything to try discover what is, and isn’t, real. The film boasts robots, a futuristic (yet dark) London and a whole lot of CG from MPC, Double Negative and Prime Focus. So from an industry point of view, it's definitely going to be worth a watch.

The trailers are actually difficult to interpret – a couple of us at Escape Studios have different views on what the film actually entails but it just means we’re even more excited to see it! The trailer shows something going wrong whilst Doug is visiting 'Rekall' and he ends up in trouble, but has developed a variety of new skills to cope with it - but where did these nifty little qualities come from? Well, at Escape Studios we have devised two possible explanations for this;

  1. Something (data, skills, future plans to abolish the city, WHO KNOWS!) may have been inputted into his brain which shouldn't have, which is why people are after him.


  2. The entire thing is a new memory to build on (if it follows anything from the first) and isn’t real.


What do you think this book adaptation is going to focus on? And do you think it’s worth going to see? Let us know!

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Sophie Collier
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  • Alex Anthopoulos:

    watched the original total recall with arnie and I do hope the remake adds some more action and a different ending..From a point and after on the original it was too obvious where it headed..Venusville mutants aswell hope are better if they appear on the remake

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