Camera Tracking and Nuke Tutorials

Camera Tracking and Nuke Tutorials

There's nothing better than gaining extra skills - especially when you can do it for free. This month's free tutorials have been taken from our Camera Tracking and Nuke courses and are great for boosting your skills if you're looking to become professional.  The great thing is, they're just 10 minutes long so you can easily work through them in your lunch hour, but like last month's six free Maya Tutorials they're staying in our e-learning platform permanently so you can refer to them whenever you want.

The first tutorial - 'Lens Distortion & Estimating focal length' - covers a number of "must know" principles.  It considers the vital procedures that are common within the camera tracking workflow. The second tutorial discusses camera projections in Nuke, working within Nuke’s 3D space, using 3D geometry and grading renders to match the original projected image.

Here's a quick breakdown of the tutorials.

Tutorial Breakdown No. 1- Lens Distortion & Estimating Focal Length

  • Lens distortion
  • Distortion tool
  • Flattening plates in PFTrack
  • Estimating focal length
  • Co-ordinate axis lines tool
  • Selecting appropriate camera settings

Tutorial BreakdownNo.2 - Camera Projections in Nuke 

  • Working with geometry and .obj files
  • Compositing renders output from Nuke’s scanline renderer
  • Errors that can occur.
  • A variety of nodes

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