Calling all Professional Freelancers!

Escape’s recruitment team has been extremely busy lately. As I come to the end of yet another busy month one thing is becoming increasingly clear - there is a genuine shortage of VFX freelancers within the Post Production Industry.

London's reputation continues to grow as ‘the’ place for top film studios to go to for Post Production and all our big post houses are busy with big, long-term projects. This has created a vacuum of talent, with the smaller, more commercial focused post houses struggling to find the artists that they need. The demand for experienced artists is outstripping the supply, with many professionals already being tied up on long term projects.

This means that I am dealing with twice the number of enquiries as in the same period last year. In fact I have never been this busy!

To cope with this increased demand I am on a bit of a recruitment drive and looking to increase the number of freelancers on our books. I am looking for artists across all disciplines: compositors, Maya generalists, match-movers, TDs, motion graphic artists and many more. So if you are an experienced freelancer, I would love to hear from you!

Escape Studios works with some of the biggest names in the business, so if you’re looking for your next project, register your show reel with me – your next job might just be here waiting for you.

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Garreth Gaydon
Thu 30 Sep 2010: 2:27pm



  • Garreth Gaydon:

    Hi Zakariya, please forward your details (CV and showreel) to

  • Zakariya Md Rafiul Haq:

    I am a freelancer Architectural Visualizer work with 3dsmax and Vray, Maya and mental ray, Revit Architecture.
    I know Basic Composite and color correction, Match move with Digital Fusion, AfterEffect, Toxik, and stereoscopy for 3d view.

    I do freelancer job at (

  • Garreth Gaydon:

    I'm assuming that you mean Character Modelling here. If that is the case what I would recommend is to develop a seperate reel that demonstrates your work. Character Modelling is a more specialist role and employers will be looking for a dedicated reel in this area. Rigging is another skill that I would consider adding to your skill set if you would like to get into this area.

  • Garreth Gaydon:

    At this early stage of your career it is important to establish what skills Employers are looking for in a Junior and make sure these are demonstrated in your reel. You are right that Camera Tracking is a much sought after skill at this level and a good route into the industry so make sure that this is an area that you focus on. It is always a good idea to have a goal of what you want to do in the long run and then you can focus your reel towards this later dowen the line. At this time though it is better to be open to a lot of different roles as getting experience within the industry is the most important thing.

  • Garreth Gaydon:

    Maya Generalists are very much in demand and studios like to take on people with a range of skills. If you are a Generalist it is important to supplement your reel with a CV that outlines the skills you have and this will enable us and the employer to establish if you are right for the job. This along with a shot breakdown of your reel (summary of what you were responsible for on the reel i.e lighting, texturing, compositing) will make sure that you will be suitably matched for the right job opportunities.

  • Garreth Gaydon:

    the e-mail address is actually

  • Garreth Gaydon:

    Yes, we are currently looking to add two more experienced Character Animators to our freelance books.

  • Paul Ashall:


    I've been working on my reel since finishing the VFX course and I'm hearing a lot of mixed advice, some say show a variety of skills and others say specialise? My current issue is that I'm not 100% certain which area I wish to persue without having had any experience. Should I be looking to specialise so soon? I got the idea during my time at Escape that I'd be starting in a junior role in camera tracking! Hoping to have my reel finished soon and looking forward to seeing what happens from there. Any advice is much appreciated! Many thanks, Paul

  • Chris Wilson:


    I just saw a tweet from you pointing out on our reels we should specify the skill we have to find the correct role 'not generalise' what we can do - so as a 'Maya Generalist' how can I avoid tripping myself into that situation? regarding the mention of roles asked to be filled above?

  • Isabelle Duarté:

    Hi There,

    All you need to do is send your showreel - or a link to it - to

    Garreth is away on holiday today but he'll take a look at it on Monday.


  • adrianspencer:

    How do we register our showreels?

  • Isabelle Duarté:

    Hi Chris,

    Garreth is away today, but I'll get him to reply to your post next wek.


  • Chris Wilson:

    As freelance nubee I'm wondering where to start looking as I want
    to get into character work but my skills are more generalist right now

    I have asked this before but if possible a few steering words could
    make the difference - thanks

  • Gregg pettit:

    Is this also true for animators?

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