California Dreams

California Dreams

As part of our ongoing commitment to the US, we have recently been on a whistle stop tour of California visiting all of the leading lights in the VFX and animation industry. Lee and I were lucky enough to visit the likes of ILM, Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony Imageworks and Tippett Studio. It was like walking into a living museum of the best VFX and animation has to offer, from the original costumes and matte paintings from the Star Wars series to the giant Luxo Jr outside Pixar's HQ. We were completely in geeky film heaven. Lee's excitement at seeing models and maquettes from some of his favourite movies was very obvious. For those of us who know him, well there is no volume control!

We have put together an amazing group of people to start our US advisory board and we'll be releasing more information about them over the coming months. Interestingly enough it seems that the US industry suffers from exactly the same problems with recruiting production ready staff as their counterparts in the UK. Based on the global nature of the industry now, they have just as much need for talented fresh blood. All in all it was an excellent trip and we look forward to working closely with all of our new advisory board members.

I have included a few pictures for you to enjoy our geek out road trip! You can take a look at them on Facebook or on Flickr.

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Dom Davenport
Thu 26 Aug 2010: 9:21am

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  • Lotty Wills:

    Awww man, I wanted to go see. Cool piccies, looks like you guys had a blast.

  • David Cox:

    I am so jealous!

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