Cabin in the Woods: Not What You Expect!

Cabin in the Woods: Not What You Expect!

Happy Monday!!

The best news from my weekend comes from the release of this little movie treat. Writer Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Firefly & Alien: Ressurection) has collaborated with Lionsgate Entertainment, Mutant Enemy Productions and director Drew Goddard for the aptly titled Cabin in the Woods.

It seems like a very stereotypical “teens in the forest” slasher flick until they throw in a little technological twist. I won’t give too much away but it’s all a bit Wrong Turn meets Saw meets The Matrix.

It is sure to be a box office success combining horror, thriller and sci-fi as well as featuring sci-fi goddess, Sigourney Weaver.

Despite not being a massive fan of the Horror genre I am dead excited to see this. I’m prepared to take a pillow to hide behind.

Take a look at the trailer and have a thrilling time!!

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Olivia Grout
Mon 16 Apr 2012: 9:23am

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  • alinspired:

    looks awesome love the visual effects, not sure about the mixing of genres together, but will need to watch it.

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