Burton Talks Actresses, Stopmotion And Frankenweenie

Burton Talks Actresses, Stopmotion And Frankenweenie

Following our previous blog post about Tim Burton’s new project ‘Frankenweenie, we bring you a further update via the IGN website.

In this interview Burton discusses his reunion with Beetlejuice and Nightmare before Christmas stars Winona Ryder and Catherine O’Hara. He also discusses his passion and love for Stop Animation, saying; “It’s great, It’s an art form that I love, and it’s such a special one, you know, it’s like, all forms of animation are great, but the opportunity to see it there… to see a set and light like it’s a real set, it’s just so tactile and it’s such a beautiful old fashioned medium…”

He elaborates on how getting the right group of animators on the job takes considerable time in order to get the best results. Did we already mention that the guys who worked on this project are our friends at Nvisible? I think we did but there’s no harm in doing so again…

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