Bursaries Available for Escape Studios' New Short Courses

We've just launched some new short courses which are going to be taking place here at Escape before Christmas. Each of these consists of five days intensive full-time classroom training from one of our industry professional tutors.

We have four courses on offer, and they are...

ZBrush Sculpting and Production Work Flow
VFX Production Work Flow
Nuke for 3D VFX Production
RenderMan Fundamentals

Apply for Skillset Bursaries

If you live in the UK and have professional experience working in the film industry you could be eligible for a bursary from Skillset towards the cost of these short courses and towards the expenses incurred while training with us. Check out my blog post about it and follow the links to the Skillset website.

Please contact me or anyone else in the training team for more details.

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Paul Wilkes
Thu 21 Oct 2010: 11:30am

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  • Flo:

    Thank you for your positive feedback, Chris.

    As always, please do not hesitate to drop me a line if you require any information on our short courses and we'll be happy to help.




  • christopher hodge:

    hi to any one thinking of doing one of these courses. they are well worth doing. i did the VFX Production Work Flow in the summer. it was the best four days of training i have ever had.
    i am even considering doing an other one

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