Built by Self-Confessed Industry Nerds

Built by Self-Confessed Industry Nerds

With the divide between 2D and 3D becoming increasingly indistinguishable, I thought I'd share some information about an interesting alternative to Nuke’s default scanline render node and indeed much of Nuke’s current 3D shading tool set.

Lighting, shading and working with animated geometry becomes greatly enhanced once you install the 'look-dev, lighting and rendering 3D toolkit' AtomKraft by *Jupiter Jazz*.

We have been using AtomKraft on our Advanced Compositing course here at Escape and our students have enjoyed taking advantage of its added benefits. Compositing students have the ability to develop and integrate their own 3D assets without having to acquire them from other 3D artists. The toolset was designed to minimize the need for compositors having to return work to the 3D department and request additional render elements or re-renders. AtomKraft includes some of the following functionality with the added bonus of never having to leave Nuke!

Some of the benefits include....

* Global Illumination and image based lighting
* Hybrid RAYS/REYES rendering
* True 3D motion blur and camera based depth of field (bokeh)
* Particles support
* Access to multiple render channels (AOVs/Arbitrary Output Variables) in any node and in the Nuke viewer
* RenderMan Shading Language support (RSL 1.0/2.0) via AtomShader

We have some screenshots for you to take a sneak peak at too...

Along with a fully threaded version aimed at production, a two threaded version is available absolutely free of charge and fully functional from their website and a version for Adobe After Effects is upcoming.

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