Brit Success at the Oscars

Brit Success at the Oscars

The winners of the 2011 Oscars were finally revealed yesterday amidst the usual pomp and ceremony that we are accustomed to, and I have to say, it was a pretty good night for Britain.

None of the results were a big surprise, and The King Speech took away 4 Oscars in total – Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director and finally Best Screen Play. Of course, this film was already a winner at the box office, but this latest bunch of awards should provide a real boost to the UK Film industry. It must be quite a bittersweet moment for the UK Film Council, who was instrumental in bringing this film to life with its funding but is none the less still to be axed.

But aside of this bittersweet moment, Britain has much to be proud of with Inception also taking a whole raft of Oscars including the much coveted award for Best Visual Effects. We had the pleasure of hosting Paul Franklin a few months ago, when he came and did a talk to our students about the making of Inception – and it was clear right from the outset that this film was going take away the prize for VFX. Well done Double Negative – this is richly deserved!

As ever, we are pretty proud of the fact that some of our escapees were among the artists who worked on Inception. If you want to hear more about our escapees and how Yuko Kimoto was involved in Inception, click here to view our success stories video.

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