• October's Free Tutorial: Bring a Photo to Life with Camera Mapping in Maya

Bring a Photo to Life with Camera Mapping in Maya

In this month’s free tutorial, VFX tutor Daniel Shutt will demonstrate how to take advantage of a very useful process available to Maya users. Camera mapping is a wonderfully effective way to create an animated shot without spending too much time modelling. This is a process frequently used in film, commercials and broadcast television, and now it’s a process you can apply to your own projects. 

What to Expect in this Free Tutorial!

During this tutorial Dan will show how to create a photo realistic shot from a photographic still, using the alignment of geometry and cameras to a backplate and then mapping via the camera’s perspective. Taking a photo from his own collection, Dan will walk you through each of the camera mapping steps required to convert it into your very own animated shot.


  • Bring a still image to life using camera mapping techniques in Maya
  • Learn how to create animated shots more efficiently
  • The principles of aligning geometry and cameras to a backplate
  • Best practice when applying these camera mapping steps to your own projects
  • Dan provides a photo of Battersea Power Station, attached to the tutorial, to demonstrate this process.

    Total video time: 63:36


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