Breaking into the VFX industry – Escape Studios Featured on The Guardian’s Latest Careers Q&A

You may remember last month that Lee Danskin and Paul Wilkes were featured on The Guardian’s careers blog about the film industry. This month, the topic was ‘Breaking into the Visual Effects’, and as it’s our specialist subject we had no less than three spokespeople on the panel this time.

Lee led the charge, joined by our Recruitment specialist Garreth Gaydon, and escapee Ben Cantor, who is now a junior 3D Artist at the Moving Picture Company. It had over 8,000 page views in all, as well as 202 posts! The Guardian’s Alison White had this to say:

"We had a great response from the Q&A this month and it showed that there is a lot of interest out there in the visual effects industry. It was fantastic to have Escape Studios on the panel too. I especially enjoyed Lee Danskin's advice about how entry-level crew should be able to hit the ground running, otherwise they risk hindering the whole process."

Gareth gave some great tips about applying for a job, pointing out that a typical entry level role for a Compositor is as a Roto Artist and so when applying, candidates’ showreels should reflect that they have these skills. Ben was also able to draw on his own experience and stress the importance of being prepared to take on a junior role when trying to land your first job in CG.

Did you take part in the Q&A? If so, how did you find it? Don’t worry if you didn’t because you can still read all the questions and answers here. If you have more questions on landing that first job or want any other advice on breaking into CG just get in touch via the usual channels. If you’re interested in other Q&As you can sign up to the Guardian’s newsletter here and be kept up to date with all their latest sessions.

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