BOXX to ship with new Quadro Fermi 2000

BOXX to ship with new Quadro Fermi 2000

BOXX machines will now be even faster following nVidia’s recent announcement that they will be releasing a brand new graphics card, the Quadro Fermi 2000. This is the lastest addition to the nVidia Quadro Fermi Series, which are the industry’s only GPU-accelerated cards made for coping with HD-SDI video and 3D stereoscopics.

The new graphic card will have 192 CUDA Cores, which will make the BOXX workstations up to five times faster than before – that’s a lot more speed and power from 64 bit applications. The really interesting bit in this announcement is the component that nVidia call the Scalable Geometry Engine™ technology. We hear that it can deliver an amazing 1.3 billion triangles per second, shattering previous 3D graphics limitations in design, animation and video applications. This means that for a relatively low cost you can get a lot more out of your BOXX workstation.

We recently supplied a top Soho post-production house with 160 BOXX workstations for a big project. They told us one of the deciding factors for choosing to use BOXX was its easy customisation to their specification, and the fact they can rely on a 3 year warranty to meet deadlines and big projects.

The new cards are set to start shipping with BOXX machines at the end of the month. If you want more info, get in touch.


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