BOXX's Entry-level Workstation Gets Editor's Choice Award

BOXX's Entry-level Workstation Gets Editor's Choice Award

The 3DBOXX 4860 may be BOXX's entry-level single CPU machine, but it performed very well in a recent review, picking up the Editor's Choice Award from 3D Professor.

To test its suitability for CG applications, the 3DBOXX 4860 was put through intensive benchmarking tests and evaluated on everything from rendering speeds to the quality of the chassis. Professor Brian Robinson who reviewed the machine sums it up pretty well here:

"This has to have been the most exciting single socket Parts Built System we have tested in a long time. It looks good; the performance is without doubt unbelievable. If you are looking for the fastest system around that meets your critical success factors in expediting extreme productivity output for those challenging clients; then look no further as the Boston 3DBOXX 4860 Xtreme completely surpasses those requirements."

You can read up on the review here, and if you’d like to win a 3DBOXX4860, then enter our Win a 3DBOXX competition.


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Mon 28 Mar 2011: 11:30am

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