BOXX: An Inside Perspective

BOXX: An Inside Perspective

There has been a lot of talk and reviews of BOXX machines lately. To find out a little more about what makes them perform so well, I caught up with BOXX’s Director of Marketing and Business Development, Shoaib Mohammad to get the inside scoop…

What makes BOXX machines ideal for CG workflows?
Our machines are purpose-built for the professional visualisation market, and this has been our focus for a very long time. We don’t manufacture entry level or consumer grade personal computers, so have more time to concentrate on producing high grade professional workstations and rendering systems.

We talk a lot about “innovative integration” around here, which means we only incorporate enterprise class components, drives, and customised BIOS into our machines. What sets BOXX apart from the “off the shelf” workstation manufacturers are the unique engineering concepts that go into the machines (easily expandable, over-clocking, multi-GPUs, liquid cooling, specially tuned air cooling, chassis design, no pre-installed bloat ware). Then when it comes to testing our systems on professional CG applications, like Autodesk and Solidworks, we get much higher performance results than you would with a standard workstation. It’s why we’re certified by Autodesk for Maya, 3ds Max, MotionBuilder, and Mudbox.

What’s the next trend you see in workstations?
Even though there is a lot of buzz around cloud or infinite computing, what’s missing from the discussion is a need for a higher performance workstation that can deal with the increasingly intricate datasets and content at a local level, before it’s sent to the cloud. This year, we’ve not only seen more demand for faster CPUs, but also for multi-GPU workstations, which has steered the direction in which our new technology is heading.

What are your thoughts on GPU versus CPU rendering?
The concept of GPU rendering has been around for a long time and we’re finally seeing GPU adoption in mainstream applications, including Autodesk 3ds Max, Bunkspeed, RTT and V-Ray. NVIDIA has done a pretty good job in driving iray technology adoption and we’re starting to see an ecosystem developing around GPU computing. Depending on the industry or application, there are benefits and limitations regarding both. For example, GPU is preferable for a quick preview, but CPU is the ideal solution for final rendering. To get around this and give our customers the best of both worlds, we’ve created the 8550XTREME, offering maximum CPU cores (at the highest frequency) as well as enabling the maximum number of GPUs. This gives professionals the right specs for what they need.

To find out more about BOXX, get in touch.

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