Bottles Beware!

Bottles Beware!

Okay so it’s 2012 and I’ve seen so much cannon fodder footage on the internet that these days, when surfing the web, I am indeed hard to impress.

I mean let’s get real - It takes more than a video of your cat doing something ‘hilarious’, or a drunk man falling over, to get a chuckle from me, especially after the thousandth video. 

Anyway, bearing in mind that I’m pretty set in my ways when it comes to online time killing entertainment. yesterday I saw the compilation video ‘Bottles Beware’. 3 minutes of American swordsman ‘Will Keith’ in action. Using various bladed weapons to slice and dice 81, ahem, water bottles.

Showing formidable technique, this bottle slaying assassin radiates danger and stealth like a modern day Samurai warrior…  Or maybe it’s just a guy playing with swords in his garden? Either way, enjoy!

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Robert Broadbent
Thu 25 Oct 2012: 11:30am

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