Blown Away by Disney short 'the Paperman'?

Blown Away by Disney short 'the Paperman'?

Walt Disney shorts are always a treat for viewers. In fact I’d go as far to say that when going to the cinema to see a new Disney Pixar film, part of the excitement is the opportunity to see the preluding short that comes with the main feature

Last year’s short, was black and white animation ‘Paperman’, it was played before Wreck it Ralph, and using a seamless new medium of digital and hand drawn animation, it tells a story of a 1950’s office worker who meets the girl of his dreams whilst commuting into work. 

Disney certainly still knows how to charm us with animation and romantic story-telling, and this short is no exception. If you don’t make it to the cinema on time, or (if like me) are too impatient to wait… check out the short here

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Robert Broadbent
Thu 31 Jan 2013: 10:34am

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