We Have an Inkling that Wacom Has a Great New Product

On Tuesday the 30th of August Twitter streams of digital artists across the globe were buzzing with news of Wacom's new baby - the #Inkling. Everyone who currently draws digitally using the Wacom tablet, will be familiar with its advantages over the mouse, however, if the Inkling lives up to its anticipated hype, it will make creating digital drawings easier, more immediate and vitally speed up your workflow.

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Toby Young
Thu 1 Sep 2011: 11:00am

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Survey prize draw winners announced

A few weeks ago we ran a survey to find out what people thought of the CG industry, with a prize draw and some fantastic prizes for a lucky few. We’re please to say we can now announce the winners of the prize draw.

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Isabelle Duarte
Thu 19 Nov 2009: 9:54pm

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