Breaking into CG - Guardian Careers Talk Podcast

Games tutor Simon Fenton has made his media debut for Escape Studios on the Guardian’s Career Talk podcast. You can hear Simon talk about getting into the industry, his role as a tutor at Escape, his background and much more, alongside Tom Baskaya of Framestore, an Escapee and most recently a compositor on Avatar. Tom also talks about his time at Escape, as well as what it was like working on James Cameron’s masterpiece.

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Isabelle Duarte
Tue 16 Feb 2010: 2:07pm

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The coolest video games of all time

Don’t know if any of you read the Guardian Games blog this morning, but there was an entertaining post about the coolest video games of all time.

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Lee Danskin
Mon 12 Oct 2009: 10:21am

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