Do you only have eyes for NUKE?

A few months ago our very own Simon Richardson, Escape’s in-house 2D genius, posted a series of blogs declaring his undying love for NUKE.

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Tim Flett
Mon 9 Jul 2012: 4:00pm

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iNuked: Part 1

iNuked: Part 1

I was on the hunt for an appropriate piece of tech to occupy my mind whilst travelling to and from Escape Studios, during my epic commute into London each day and initially the novelty of an iPad seemed the best source of distraction. However after further investigation the answer came in the form of Hugo Guerra (Escape Studios compositing tutor) who, in less than ten minutes, managed to persuade me to spend an extra £600 on an alternative Apple product.

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Simon Richardson
Thu 27 Oct 2011: 11:07am

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