Industry Coaching Diary of Compositing Escapee Húni Húnfjörð

Industry Coaching Diary of Compositing Escapee Húni Húnfjörð

Our mentored program for our classroom students is moving on a pace, and I am pleased to report that another one of our compositing classes is being mentored by Ben Owen at MPC.

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Miles Pettit
Tue 26 Jul 2011: 4:15pm

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Christian Roberton joins our Advisory Board

Everyone who studies with us knows how much emphasis we place on our close ties with the industry. The members of our advisory board include some of the biggest names in CG, and they advise on everything from course content to placing escapees in work after they graduate. We are therefore very pleased to announce that Christian Roberton, MD of Film at MPC, has joined the team.

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Dom Davenport
Tue 27 Jul 2010: 3:15pm

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Meet Nik Illingworth – Escape Graduate and now VFX TD at MPC

It’s been pretty busy for Nik since completing his VFX course a few weeks back. After a stint at Atticus Finch and then Framestore he’s now working at legendary post house MPC.  We caught up with Nik, sat him down, and asked him what it’s like being the new FX TD on the block.

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Garreth Gaydon
Mon 19 Jul 2010: 5:29pm

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New online courses for next generation of bedroom CG enthusiasts

We’re launching a brand new set of online courses – Self Directed Learning. These low-cost distance learning courses are aimed at students, aspiring 3D artists and computer graphics (CG) hobbyists across the world, and cover CG industry staples Maya, ZBrush and Nuke in detail.

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Paul Wilkes
Thu 18 Mar 2010: 10:10am

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