Escape Studios Competition - 500 on Facebook

We’ve got a great competition for those of you on Facebook. One lucky person will be selected from members of our fan page to have free access for three months to one of our new online courses.

0 Comments Isabelle Duarte

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Isabelle Duarte
Fri 26 Mar 2010: 10:42am

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New online courses for next generation of bedroom CG enthusiasts

We’re launching a brand new set of online courses – Self Directed Learning. These low-cost distance learning courses are aimed at students, aspiring 3D artists and computer graphics (CG) hobbyists across the world, and cover CG industry staples Maya, ZBrush and Nuke in detail.

2 Comments Paul Wilkes

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Paul Wilkes
Thu 18 Mar 2010: 10:10am

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Autodesk Unveils 2011 Versions of Digital Entertainment Creation Software

Autodesk Unveils 2011 Versions of Digital Entertainment Creation Software

We have some exciting news from Autodesk today. They have just unveiled the 2011 versions of its Digital Entertainment Creation software with the promise of increased production efficiency, especially in terms of  interaction, workflow, interface design and interoperability. The release dates are yet to be announced, but from what we've seen the new versions promise great value and some avant-garde technology developed with the likes of Sony Pictures Imageworks.

0 Comments Mark Cass

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Mark Cass
Wed 10 Mar 2010: 3:39pm

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"Project Twitch": Maya in a web browser

Autodesk Labs recently added Maya to the company's "Project Twitch". If you feel like saying "so what?!", please keep on reading...

1 Comments David Joos

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David Joos
Fri 5 Feb 2010: 10:03am

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Escape this Spring

For those of you considering working in this thriving, dynamic industry, we’re offering a taster into the world of computer graphics with a range of three-day short courses. They’re a great opportunity to get a better understanding of the career opportunities out there while gaining valuable insight into the industry.

0 Comments Paul Wilkes

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Paul Wilkes
Thu 21 Jan 2010: 12:06pm

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Game Course - images

Here's a selection of what our game course students have created. As I mentioned before, I'm really proud of what the guys have come up with, and I would love to show you every single students work, were it not for amount of space it would take up on the blog. So here, as a compromise, is a selection:

2 Comments Simon Fenton

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Simon Fenton
Thu 21 Jan 2010: 11:05am

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Turtle now supports Autodesk Maya 2010!

The new Turtle™ 5.1 version for Autodesk Maya 2010 has been released!  Illuminate labs have made improvements to their rendering and baking plug-in for Autodesk Maya, to make it better for lighting and content creation in next-gen game development.

1 Comments Mark Cass

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Mark Cass
Tue 19 Jan 2010: 9:00pm

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Top Down Animation - Work In Progress - Step 10

Top Down Animation - Work In Progress - Step 10

Here's the tenth step in my Top Down Animation, Work in Progress series. The following video shows my Left Foot Animation Pass.  In which I do the same as the last video and concentrate just on the Left Foot this time to add details to the animation. Step Ten - Left Foot: Again, if you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment or send me a Tweet (@escape_studios)

0 Comments Jeff Pratt

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Jeff Pratt
Mon 11 Jan 2010: 10:21am

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