The Tate Movie Project – Tate teaming up with Aardman Animations

Now this is what we like to see – children getting involved in animation from a young age. This week we heard that Tate is teaming up with Aardman Animations, the team behind Wallace and Gromit, to create a new film.  And,  they want children to help them brainstorm. Check out the video on our YouTube channel.

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Lee Danskin
Thu 22 Oct 2009: 5:38pm

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Back to the future of 3D cinema

I’ve mentioned 3D movies before on the blog, but this week another article on the topic caught my eye. Pixar has said that it’s hoping 3D films will encourage people to watch movies at the cinema – rather than pirate copies or illegal downloads at home.

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Lee Danskin
Mon 21 Sep 2009: 9:02am

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Traditional Animation makes a comeback

The first trailer for the upcoming Disney Feature The Princess and the Frog has just been released. It heralds a return to the hand drawn traditional animation that Disney is famous for. I for one am excited to see it and hope that it heralds the rebirth of traditional animation as a whole.

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Jeff Pratt
Fri 19 Jun 2009: 9:18am

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Monsters vs Aliens: mixed bag

I watched Dreamworks newest animation feature, "Monsters vs Aliens" recently and found it to be both truly amazing and really bad. Some bits of animation were brilliant, funny and a joy to watch (such as the cracking the computer code dance scene), while others were disappointing (like the General's entrance and a lot of his dialogue). I felt that the story was just above average. Not bad and not brilliant.


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Fri 19 Jun 2009: 9:14am

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