20 animated submissions for upcoming Oscars

Not sure how many of you have been following this story, but a whopping 20 feature films have been submitted for the Animated Feature film category for the upcoming Oscars. This is great news for the industry as it means we’re well on track to getting five nominees qualifying for the category at the awards next February (we normally only have 3!).

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Jeff Pratt
Thu 19 Nov 2009: 10:47am

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Hollywood producer, Charlotte Huggins to discuss 3D breakthroughs in film and TV.

For those in the film industry, this may be an interesting event for your December diary. The Institution of Engineering and Technology is holding the inaugural John Logie Baird event on the 8th December entitled ‘3D – Back to the future’.

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Mark Cass
Wed 18 Nov 2009: 4:45pm

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Back to the future of 3D cinema

I’ve mentioned 3D movies before on the blog, but this week another article on the topic caught my eye. Pixar has said that it’s hoping 3D films will encourage people to watch movies at the cinema – rather than pirate copies or illegal downloads at home.

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Lee Danskin
Mon 21 Sep 2009: 9:02am

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Give us a break

I’ve been reading a lot about tax breaks in the past couple of months. First there was the anticipation and ultimate disappointment of Digital Britain, when we hoped that the games industry might get the tax breaks it needed. A missed opportunity, many said.

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Dom Davenport
Fri 11 Sep 2009: 1:16pm

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Skillset funding back for second year

We have a dozen places available on our new Skillset VFX course. Funded by Skillset UK’s Film Fund, the places are free for wannabe graphic designers who apply before 21st August.

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Paul Wilkes
Wed 12 Aug 2009: 8:14am

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