The value of vocational training

An article appeared in last weekend’s Sunday Times discussing the fact that two of Britain’s former polytechnics have outperformed Oxford and Cambridge by getting more of their graduates into work than any other university. For years vocational courses, typically taught at newer institutes, have been stigmatised for their lack of academic prowess. However, employers in some industries, such as the computer graphics industry, prefer to hire candidates with vocational qualifications, so could this mean opinions are about to change? Universities are starting to understand that certain courses, which can be tailored to specific careers, will produce graduates with more relevant skills than those covering a broad range of theoretical topics, leaving students in a better position to find work after they graduate.

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Dom Davenport
Wed 19 Aug 2009: 2:17pm

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Traditional Animation makes a comeback

The first trailer for the upcoming Disney Feature The Princess and the Frog has just been released. It heralds a return to the hand drawn traditional animation that Disney is famous for. I for one am excited to see it and hope that it heralds the rebirth of traditional animation as a whole.

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Jeff Pratt
Fri 19 Jun 2009: 9:18am

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Monsters vs Aliens: mixed bag

I watched Dreamworks newest animation feature, "Monsters vs Aliens" recently and found it to be both truly amazing and really bad. Some bits of animation were brilliant, funny and a joy to watch (such as the cracking the computer code dance scene), while others were disappointing (like the General's entrance and a lot of his dialogue). I felt that the story was just above average. Not bad and not brilliant.


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Fri 19 Jun 2009: 9:14am

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