The Great Graphics Debate

As a Technical Consultant in the CG industry, I have noticed that a large amount of people starting out in this industry overlook the importance of graphics kit. Seems silly to me. Especially as it is a large part of any visualizer's or 3D operator's workflow.

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Dan Young
Thu 30 Apr 2009: 3:44pm

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Apple Re-introduce Quadro, but what does this mean for CG artists?

Apple have made quite a few modifications to their machines lately. Firstly, they've brought back the Quadro. Only this time it’s not the 5600 but the 4800. The only snag with this is that it's a bespoke model, and doesn’t include the 30-bit capability of the PC equivalent cards. Essentially, it is down to the fact that Apple machines require an EFI BIOS from add-in cards, and cannot manage a legacy firmware that is typical of the PC ranges.


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Thu 30 Apr 2009: 3:41pm