SIGGRAPH 2009 Round up

The games industry hogged the spotlight at this year’s SIGGRAPH. For the first time ever, two social games ran throughout the conference and SIGGRAPH’s annual CG showcase was spiced up with live games art and animation demos.

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Lee Danskin
Tue 18 Aug 2009: 8:30am

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Escape gives 3D artists the Nuke know-how

Escape Studios offers first visual effects course combining the best of Nuke and Maya 3D imaging software

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Paul Wilkes
Wed 24 Jun 2009: 9:26am

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The Great Graphics Debate

As a Technical Consultant in the CG industry, I have noticed that a large amount of people starting out in this industry overlook the importance of graphics kit. Seems silly to me. Especially as it is a large part of any visualizer's or 3D operator's workflow.

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Dan Young
Thu 30 Apr 2009: 3:44pm

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Apple Re-introduce Quadro, but what does this mean for CG artists?

Apple have made quite a few modifications to their machines lately. Firstly, they've brought back the Quadro. Only this time it’s not the 5600 but the 4800. The only snag with this is that it's a bespoke model, and doesn’t include the 30-bit capability of the PC equivalent cards. Essentially, it is down to the fact that Apple machines require an EFI BIOS from add-in cards, and cannot manage a legacy firmware that is typical of the PC ranges.


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Thu 30 Apr 2009: 3:41pm