CG Andrex Puppy!

CG Andrex Puppy!

So an Iconic mascot after 4 decades has finally become a CG character. Having done this myself with the first CG Tony the Tiger I have to wonder whether this will work. The British public being such a fickle bunch! CG Tony was to be a furry character but was squashed at the last moment by Kellogg's in the States as going to far away from the 2D character of Tony (shame he was so cool furry).

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Lee Danskin
Thu 2 Dec 2010: 9:00am

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RealtimeUK Complete Work on Kinectimals

RealtimeUK Complete Work on Kinectimals

I caught up with the guys at RealtimeUK to check out a project they've completed for Microsoft’s new Kinect console, and was really impressed with what I saw.

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Tim Flett
Mon 15 Nov 2010: 9:07am

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Disney releases Ptex as open source

Ptex is a technique for per-face, multi-resolution texture mapping without the need to setup your UV's manually. While the paper by Brent Burley (Walt Disney Animation Studios) and Dylan Lacewell (Walt Disney Animation Studios & University of Utah) has been around for a while, last Friday, Disney released the project as open source.

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David Joos
Mon 18 Jan 2010: 12:57pm

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Top Down Animation - Work In Progress - Step 18

Step Eighteen - Left Fingers

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Jeff Pratt
Thu 14 Jan 2010: 8:30pm

Nick's Doodles: The Judge

Nick Savy, our character tutor, has done us another fantastic sketch.

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Paul Wilkes
Thu 10 Dec 2009: 4:12pm