Sixty Seconds with Featured Artist: Compositor Tara Roseblade

Sixty Seconds with Featured Artist: Compositor Tara Roseblade

The compositing industry is booming right now which is why we were grateful to Tara for taking a couple of minutes out of her busy day to answer a few questions about what it’s like working in the industry since leaving Escape Studios. Tara’s reel shows everything that a good junior compositing showreel should. It includes examples of roto, rig/wire removal, colour correction and some good CG comping.  Each shot is accompanied by a detailed breakdown - which is a great way of demonstrating these skills.

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Garreth Gaydon
Fri 23 Apr 2010: 2:33pm

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Free Compositing Webinar

For those of you interested, we’re hosting a free compositing webinar taking place on the 28th of this month.  I'll be taking you though the principles of compositing as well as the tips and tricks which will make the most complicated task seem straight forward.

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Mark Pinheiro
Mon 18 Jan 2010: 10:42am

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A work of art

On one of my (out of work hours) trawls around the internet, I came across this little gem (if you can, watch fullscreen).

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Lee Danskin
Thu 14 Jan 2010: 8:06pm

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Compositing Evening Course now on

We’ve got a new set of evening classes at Escape Studios , starting at the end of September. The Compositing Evening Course will allow experienced freelancers and amateur beginners alike to learn all they need to know about compositing in Nuke in twice weekly sessions, helping develop the skills required to becoming a top notch VFX compositor.

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Jason Jenner
Mon 24 Aug 2009: 5:14pm

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Escape gives 3D artists the Nuke know-how

Escape Studios offers first visual effects course combining the best of Nuke and Maya 3D imaging software

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Paul Wilkes
Wed 24 Jun 2009: 9:26am

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Destination; Escape Studios

After working for 7 years as a DVD Technology Developer and Producer I felt it was time to make a change in my life and chase an idea which had been in the back of my head for sometime, to work on blockbuster movies. After many international phone calls and many, many hours of reseach I decided to leave a very well paid job back in Australia and booked a plane ticket to London, Destination; Escape Studios.

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Heath Baker
Tue 24 Jun 2008: 10:43am

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