Nick's Doodles: The Judge

Nick Savy, our character tutor, has done us another fantastic sketch.

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Paul Wilkes
Thu 10 Dec 2009: 4:12pm


Top Down Animation - Work in Progress - Step 1

I am currently working on (amongst other things) a simple animation in order to demonstrate the Top Down Animation Technique. The animation I am going to do is of a character walking up and sitting down in a chair then tipping backwards. I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate the steps that I would go through in doing an animation this way, so I'll be posting my progress as I go.

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Jeff Pratt
Fri 27 Nov 2009: 12:40pm

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Monsters vs Aliens: mixed bag

I watched Dreamworks newest animation feature, "Monsters vs Aliens" recently and found it to be both truly amazing and really bad. Some bits of animation were brilliant, funny and a joy to watch (such as the cracking the computer code dance scene), while others were disappointing (like the General's entrance and a lot of his dialogue). I felt that the story was just above average. Not bad and not brilliant.


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Fri 19 Jun 2009: 9:14am

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