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Here's a selection of what our game course students have created. As I mentioned before, I'm really proud of what the guys have come up with, and I would love to show you every single students work, were it not for amount of space it would take up on the blog. So here, as a compromise, is a selection:

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Simon Fenton
Thu 21 Jan 2010: 11:05am

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Disney releases Ptex as open source

Ptex is a technique for per-face, multi-resolution texture mapping without the need to setup your UV's manually. While the paper by Brent Burley (Walt Disney Animation Studios) and Dylan Lacewell (Walt Disney Animation Studios & University of Utah) has been around for a while, last Friday, Disney released the project as open source.

1 Comments David Joos

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David Joos
Mon 18 Jan 2010: 12:57pm

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Autodesk Mudbox 2010 Service Pack 1

Our friends at Autodesk have released the first service pack for Mudbox 2010.

0 Comments Mark Cass

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Mark Cass
Fri 15 Jan 2010: 12:08pm

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