Blog Factor: Gee Talks About Our Obsession with Apple

Blog Factor: Gee Talks About  Our Obsession with Apple

I'm going to brave the topic of the recent consumer addiction to Apple products and why so many of us await the next newfangled version of iProducts. I mean what would we do without our minimum of twice a year apple hysteria?

So what is all the fuss about? I mean every year for the past 3/4 years, we have all been caught up in the media hype about the next release of an Apple Product. For the most part, we don't even get to learn anything at all about the new product. They manage to keep all that hush hush, but we are still all anticipating it with baited breath.

The media campaigns seem to start with supposed 'leaks' which anyone with half a brain knows is just conveniently adding to the media attention that Apple simply ignore. Cleverly though, they let that in itself do the talking, and let it add to the ever building apprehension surrounding the imminent release of a new improved version of something most of us already have. I mean they don't have to do anything, the product is already as good as sold! They play so effortlessly in to this ever increasing 'gotta have the latest gadget' culture within our capitalist society. Regardless of the economic downturn that we have been experiencing of late, Apple still seem to be smashing record sales of their iPhones and iPads, despite the fact we all know they are going to release a bigger and better version 6-12 months down the line - but that's the price we want to pay to keep up with the latest technology.

Let's take the iPhone 5 as an example. The rumour mill about this has been spiralling out of control since the delayed release of the white iPhone 4. People suddenly got scared that there wouldn't be a new version this year, and maybe we were being fobbed off with just another colour instead of a new model. But, this is Apple. Of course they had another one up their sleeve, they were just appeasing us, giving us something to claw on to, a distraction from the bigger picture you could say. Since then, I have consistently been told varying stories, most claiming to be from a reliable source (hmm...), about the latest design and features that the iPhone 5 will have. From a new ultra thin design to holographic displays and laser keyboards, if true, this new iPhone will be mind blowing. Of course we can attribute most of this success to Steve Jobs who came in and took ownership and completely transformed Apple products. The sleek Apple interface and the invention of the 'app' not least for the mobile phone, Apple concepts have been thought to be the design of the century. It will be interesting to see how they do without him, although I'm sure they continue to succeed. Let's be honest, his sad and untimely demise has only fueled his "cult".

Technically, the Apple products don't actually offer the most features when compared to other products on the market. However, Apple transformed this market and these brands in to what they are today. It's the sleek and easy to use interface that was so unlike any other of its kind when it was first released. Now everyone is using touch screen technology, and we are all going mad for apps. What we used to buy as kids - you know those cheapy throw away Star Wars characters that kept you entertained for maybe a week? - have now been replaced by the app. You pay a measly 69pence, get obsessed with a game for a week, then move on to the next app of the week. Not only have they created some of the most amazing products out there, they have created a whole industry for businesses wanting to create apps. The scope for whatever else the Apple phenomenon can achieve is ever growing.

I won't deny that I am eager to get my hands on the iPhone 4S - though frankly, the waiting list for it is a somewhat ridiculous! Not only do I want it, I have set aside an amount of money for it so that I can budget it in to next month's pay packet. So you can see that I am not mocking this hysteria surrounding their phenomenal fan base, I am in awe of it. I applaud the success of its media campaign: as usual it literally gives nothing away about the actual product itself until almost a week before the actual release date. I am convinced that this company is going to continue growing, and will continue to surprise us with its technological advances. Who knows what an article on Apple products will read 5 years down the line? I guess we will have to wait and see for that one... watch this space! 


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Gee Atkinson
Wed 16 Nov 2011: 11:57am

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  • Gee Atkinson:

    I totally agree with you both about the wasteful throw away society that we live in today. I consider myself to a green citizen, always doing my bit for the environment, volunteering in the Brazilian rainforest for a few months, and always recycling all I can. However, maybe on the computer front they have produced seemingly everlasting products, for that I cannot comment or make judgement. As for the iPhone 3G, this has definitely not stood the test of time. Not only will it not support the new iOS 5 update, the software updates up until that point have made it so slow and unresponsive, it once took me 4 whole minutes to open an app to reply to a message! This is what I mean, you get locked in to upgrade at certain times, well in the case of iPhone's, the technology is moving so fast, older versions become obsolete as they cannot keep up, let alone us as users!

    I also agree that if i had the iPhone 4 I definitely would not have upgraded, there is no need, Siri really isn't worth it, and guess what, there is an app for it anyway (which actually seems to understand the British accent better too!). I know I expressed my excitement for getting my hands on the iPhone 4S, but for me it was more than upgrading, my iPhone 3G was rendered useless after 2.5 years of use. I am all for advancing technology, but as you point out Martyn, at what cost to the environment? The only 'gadgets' I have are my iPhone and my netbook laptop, so no iPads, iPods, Radios, TV's, I just stick to what I need. You are right getting a grip on the gadget obsession will be hard to overcome, it seems to be deeply engrained in to our culture at the moment, hopefully it's just a phase.....

  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Well, I have to say that I am in full agreement with you Martyn. I am a die hard Apple user - have been for the last 25 years, when frankly, using Apple wasn't a cool thing. The thing that always impresses me most is how long the kit I buy lasts. Heck, I still have at home an old G4 Mac Workstation which I bought in 2001 and which works without ever crashing. I use it as a music server now and it just purrs away without ever complaining. So, not only do they now make stuff which is incredibly cool and desirable, they also make incredibly reliable machines! As for your comment regarding gadget obsession and consumerism, I'll leave that to someone else to tackle...

  • Martyn Drake:

    To be perfectly honest I'm very happy with my iPhone 4 - I don't see the need just yet to upgrade to the 4S. I have a three year old Macbook at work that still works well enough for what I do. I have a Apple refurbished iPad 2 Wi-Fi with just 16Gb storage and I see that'll last me well well enough for the next few years.

    Yes, Apple make must-have gadgets, but these same gadgets will work equally well many years down the road and besides - as an early adopter you'll get the bugs and whatnot that comes with a brand new release.

    From an environmental point of view, the need to buy everything new only helps contribute to more pollution, contribute to increased pressure for the factories to get the stuff out which may mean worse working conditions for them. We need to get a grip on gadget obsession. Alas, it's not as easy as one thinks..

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