Black Phoenix 3D Project (it's as cool as it sounds!)

Black Phoenix 3D Project (it's as cool as it sounds!)

You may have read our blog a few weeks back about the robot dog/drone/potential death machine that was created by the US military, if you did catch it, you’ll know that this ‘Black Phoenix’ from 3D artist Vitaly Bulgarov project is not far away from being very much a spot on prediction of the near future.

Black Phoenix, is basically a fictional military corporation - that creates badass robots, from ‘semi civilian drones’ to the formidable looking ‘multipurpose weaponry drones’.

This CG project is a collaboration Vitaly Bulgarov photographer Maria Skotnikova, and the images here represent “10 Days of Mech” session.  An intense week and a half, where every day for 10 days, a mech design was created in 3D! What are your thoughts VFX fans?

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Fri 8 Mar 2013: 10:36am

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