Beware the Batman!

Beware the Batman!

Beware the Batman, the new show about the Dark Knight, is facing somewhat of an uphill struggle. DC have decided to dumb down their animation hour this year, meaning fans of the incredible Young Justice and Green Lantern shows that were cancelled to make room for it are already on the back foot. And it's not reminiscent of the classic Bats shows; Alfred is a young, ex-military knucklehead. Kevin Conroy isn't providing his voice skills. And it's entirely CG.

There are, however, some positives here. While he's known as the Dark Knight, Bat's beginnings are that of the World’s Greatest Detective, an angle this show will focus on more. It will also focus on the lesser known villains of his rogue gallery, such as Anarky, Professor Pyg and Magpie. And it’s entirely CG.

Some purists don't think Bats should be CG - there's a reason, after all, that Batman The Animated Series is such a beloved show. It is highly unlikely that any other interpretation that tries would come close to its brilliance - so it make sense to take the show in a different direction, rather than come across as a poor clone.

But there are some very good CG shows that have come before. Transformers Prime, The Clone Wars and the aforementioned Green Lantern shows are examples of fantastic shows that utilised their simplistic designs to focus on great action and plot. So there's no reason that BTB can’t too.

Time will tell whether Beware the Batman becomes a classic entry into Batman's lore or just another VFX failure - either way I’ll be keeping my eye on!

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