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Ben Cantor

Junior 3D Artist at MPC

Escape gave me the complete package: The skills, the inspiration and a shockingly good showreel!

Making CG a reality

As a passionate 3D artist, it’s no surprise that Ben Cantor remembers exactly what got him excited about Computer Graphics“It’s such an obvious cliché, but the film Blade Runner left me utterly inspired”. It seems that CG had a big impact on Ben when he was growing up, but it took a few years before he decided to do anything about it. Like most people his age, Ben grew up with the 'star wars generation’ when visual effects made their first real impact on the big screen. “I have always had a love of the visual elements in film and liked the idea of having a job which combined both creativity and technical knowledge – so CG fits the bill perfectly”. As a junior 3D artist at MPC in commercials, Ben is currently working on well-known TV commercials and loving every minute of it.

Escape to the future

Ben studied at Bristol University though not in a CG related field related – he read Mathematics with Music. Many years later, he decided upon a career change. Still harbouring a passion for CG, Ben decided to enquire about courses that would enable him to follow his dream: to become a visual effects artist.

Ben spoke with friends in the industry and Escape Studios came highly recommended. “I guess they recognised Escape Studios instantly as the source of many talented artists”.  Ben came along for an open day and was impressed with the fact that the courses were designed by professionals with the sole aim of teaching industry relevant material and techniques - ultimately propelling students into their chosen career. “The course was so thorough, encompassing all the elements that I am finding are directly applied within the industry. And when I say thorough I really do mean it. They are not for the faint hearted!  We took in a vast amount of practical knowledge and had a lot to digest within the space of three months”.

One of the things that made a real difference to the learning environment was the class size: “With just 15 people in a classroom it’s a small enough space to progress really quickly but large enough to share notes, feedback and experiences. Plus, the tutors were very knowledgeable and knew exactly what they were doing”.

Getting that job

It’s all very well having the skills and the passion but ensuring you have an impressive showeel is what gets you a job, and this is something that Escape Studios takes very seriously. As soon as Ben finished his course he sat down with our Recruitment Department to get some much needed careers guidance.  “Getting advice and insight into where I should be applying for work as well as help with my reel was invaluable. Garreth Gaydon, Escape’s Recruitment Manager was hugely helpful throughout this process - I can honestly say that without getting my showreel critiqued by Garreth, there is no way I would have secured a job at MPC”.

Now that Ben is working at MPC he couldn’t be happier. “I love how CG draws on traditional artistic skills like modelling, texturing and lighting and I’m regularly drawing on these skills. To be honest, I can’t imagine doing anything else”.