Behind the scenes at Cinesite - See you there?

Behind the scenes at Cinesite - See you there?

Find out what it's like to be a VFX Artist - as Cinesite take attendees through the creation process of some of their coolest shots.

As well as this, their very own Technical Director, Michele Scioletti, will explain the role he plays at the company and his own personal journey into a career in this industry.

Following this jam packed couple of hours, the Escape training team will talk you through what it's like to study with us - and how you could go on to work at a company like Cinesite.

Remember, places to this open day are much sought after and people have been known to fist fight in the street over last remaining seats. That was a joke, but you get the idea - sign up ASAP!

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Robert Broadbent
Fri 15 Feb 2013: 11:17am

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