Become a superhero this Christmas

Become a superhero this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, and many people dreading the inevitable high street conquest, my colleagues and I have decided to put together a string of blog posts, enlightening our readers to some unique presents for technology, film and games fans, that will hopefully put a bigger smile on the recipients face AND save the buyer from the perils of the high street hoards.

Win-win situation, right?

This week, thanks to Escape studio assistant, Ash Miles, We encourage you to feast your eyes on these bad boys.

For those who don’t fancy getting in shape and running around in spandex all day, gift finding site firebox have come up with a gem of an idea, Superhero yourself! Yes, it truly has been the year of the Comic book Superhero, as 2012 saw the arrival of the Avengers, the Amazing Spiderman and the latest installation of the Batman saga - hit the big screen, and with just 2 photographs you can have your head printed in 3D and put on your favourite action figure.

It costs a pretty penny, but can anyone really put a price on permanent (all be it miniature) super hero status?  

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