Become a Phoenix Fluid Dynamics Beta Tester

Our friends at Chaos have developed a new product called Phoenix Fluid Dynamics which is designed to simulate fluids in a quicker and more realistic way.  Apparently, it simplifies and speeds up the process of simulating things like fire, smoke and haze.

We hear it has loads of exciting and unique features for V-Ray for 3ds Max users and is set to go beyond standard fluids by combining some cool technology - a grid base simulator with rendering. This is great news for 3D artists.

Chaos have just started their beta program and we reckon it is a great opportunity for all VRay for 3ds Max artists to get involved.

As a beta tester, you'll be one of the first ones to try out this new product and will be involved in its development.

Check it out  here.

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Mark Cass
Thu 25 Mar 2010: 11:53am

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