Be a HIERO with V1.5b6

Be a HIERO with V1.5b6

Boy has it been a busy few weeks over at  The Foundry recently! With The Foundry and Luxology merge announced this week it was also announced that HIERO V1.5 has been released in beta and is available to download.

HIERO, the shot management, conform and review timeline for VFX now comes with HIEROPLAYER, an integrated playback tool allowing HIERO and NUKE users to put their work into context. 

HIEROPLAYER in the HIERO pipeline allows the user to view shots in context, review render versions and remove complex error prone manual processes with ease.

Additionally HIERO is now available on any platform including Linux, OSX and now Windows.

So HIERO fanatics get downloading and let us know what you think!

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Tim Flett
Fri 28 Sep 2012: 10:35am

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