BBC to Broadcast New Dinosaurs Documentaries

The BBC have announced that they are to broadcast a new series of famous dinosaurs documentaries. This will be a much shorter series than the original Walking with Dinasaurs - only 3 programs - but will feature all the 3D and visual effects wizardry you would expect from this program. According to Broadcasting News, it will feature photo-realistic fight scenes to give a "whole new perspective on dinosaurs".

It is now ten years since Walking with Dinosaurs appeared and I can't help thinking that this new series of programs will not have quite the same impact as the first ones did. Still, I have now doubt that many people will be waiting to see them with trepidation. Dinosaurs have such an undying appeal - and not just for children! I should know, I have been known to scour the beaches of Dorset for much treasured fossils.

Seriously though, I know that the original series will have inspired many of you 3d artists out there... I know for a fact that many of the students that initially come to us have spent many hours playing with dinosaurs 3d models. 

I would love to see some of the ones you have developed. It would make for a great gallery. So, if you fancy featuring on this blog, why don't you send me your dinosaur models.

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