Balloons & Zeppelins: Fresh VFX escapee work

Balloons & Zeppelins: Fresh VFX escapee work

Here's my final post showing some work from the courses which have just finished.  These clips are from escapees who were on the Visual Effects Production course taught by Dan Shutt.  Again these are 'work in progress' and need a little more polishing but you can see they are both great ideas that have been really well executed.

Josh Sutcliffe's balloons shot shows just the sort of work any commercials VFX house would like to see in a reel. You can see the nice work on the reflection pass and the animation of the balloons (look for the interaction with the building) which really makes the integration.  Balloons are very difficult to light and render and whilst Josh has done a pretty good job here he is working on a subsurface scattering pass which will help to give them the right opacity and that extra level of realism. 

Laura Russell's Zeppelin hanger is not so much set extension but set building! It's impressive not only for the huge amount of modelling involved but some nice lighting and very clean camera track on what is quite a fast moving and bumpy camera move.

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