Badboy Cowboy reboot on the way!

Badboy Cowboy reboot on the way!

Being the one and only up to date source of information in this modern age, the internet has pleasantly informed me that not only is there going to be a remake of classic western series the Lone Ranger (in film form), but none other than Johnny Depp will be starring as the Rangers Native American sidekick Tonto. And despite him looking a bit like Jack Sparrow with face paint on, the buzz online is palpable, given that they’ve finished shooting this bad-boy cowboy boots and spurs reboot this week, according to producer Jerry Bruckenheimer's blog.

Having travelled to New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona, the crew and cast had to brave the elements from across the spectrum during an intense 125 days shooting, as Bruckenheimers blog pictures show.

I can’t wait for this film to hit cinema screens (release date expected to be July 2013), being that I grew up watching my Nan’s old tapes of the sixties TV series, and I’m a sucker for a bit of nostalgia!

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