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I’ve mentioned 3D movies before on the blog, but this week another article on the topic caught my eye. Pixar has said that it’s hoping 3D films will encourage people to watch movies at the cinema – rather than pirate copies or illegal downloads at home.

Something I didn’t talk about before was the advantage 3D films have of making illegal copies from cinema films virtually impossible. We all know that in the past, production companies have faced criticism from cinemas that are reluctant to install the equipment, such as new projectors, necessary to show 3D movies due to the expense. I can’t help but think they are failing to realise how these movies can help protect the cinema industry. 3D pictures will not only cut down on piracy, but cinemas will also be able to add a little more to the admission charges – increasing their ticket revenue – while offering customers a high quality viewing experience that can’t be replicated at home (for the time being at anyway).

I thought it was interesting to see Pixar relaxing its policy of revisiting past hits such as Toy Story and Cars – it obviously thinks that 3D movies will be able to attract larger audiences, providing the film is up to scratch.

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Lee Danskin
Mon 21 Sep 2009: 9:02am

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  • Nick C:

    Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have been 'dimensionalised' into 3D and will be released as a double bill in North America early in October. It will be interesting to see how they are received and whether there is an audience for experiencing movies they have seen before in 3D.

    Last week Technicolor announced a new way of projecting 3D using film, no digital projection upgrade needed. This development could see cinemas extending the life of their existing equipment and the number of 3D-capable screens out there increasing dramatically.

    With the Toy Storys and Avatar due to hit screens soon, the next few months represent a critical time in the development of 3D...

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