Babis Cloud's computer-key Horse

Babis Cloud's computer-key Horse

Ever felt like you've had enough of your computer, and wanted to make something a bit more creative with it? Check out this fantastic sculpture, which almost makes you want to break lots of computers just to have one!

Made of resin and recycled computer keys by Babis Cloud, the piece's title is Hedonism(y) Trojaner, derived from the story of the giant wooden horse built by the Greeks, used to sneak an elite force of soldiers into the city of Troy.

Created with thousands of computer buttons—a visual essence of modern-day communication—Babis’s sculpture points towards ideas of intrusion in the computer age; our contemporary 'Trojan Horses', i.e. malware.

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mark spevick
Thu 11 Oct 2012: 4:00pm


  • Hannah Rajah:

    That's wonderful!
    Reminds me of this work

  • chris strong:

    Thats a fantastic sculpture

  • Max:

    The work of this guy is quite amazing ! I really like the big structure used for 3d projection on his website. Thanks for the dicovery !

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