Aw, Here it goes!

Aw, Here it goes!

Nickelodeon has come a long way from the days of Kenan and Kel, Saved by the Bell, Rocket Power, Doug, and Hey Arnold! (just a handful of my personal favourites) and it’s fair to say that considering this most recent announcement, the level of broadcast on kids television is becoming ever more sophisticated.

It was announced last week that the latest addition to the Nickelodeon family ‘My Bleeping Life’ will be mixing live action and CGI characters.

The series is set to feature a multi-tasking, home helping robot that has been built by aliens, and mistakenly made its way into the hands of a 14 year old girl, and will be produced by ILTV and Belgian co-producer Be-Film It might well be the age gap, but I can’t imagine it being as memorable as the shenanigans of 2 friends who work in/occupy a convenience store…

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