Autodesk Unveils 2011 Versions of Digital Entertainment Creation Software

Autodesk Unveils 2011 Versions of Digital Entertainment Creation Software

We have some exciting news from Autodesk today. They have just unveiled the 2011 versions of its Digital Entertainment Creation software with the promise of increased production efficiency, especially in terms of  interaction, workflow, interface design and interoperability. The release dates are yet to be announced, but from what we've seen the new versions promise great value and some avant-garde technology developed with the likes of Sony Pictures Imageworks.

These new products will all be available as part of the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites which will give artists a significant cost saving.

Maya is now available for the Mac OS X 64-bit operating system, and has an improved user interface and character animation and has new 3D editorial features, as you can see  in the video I have posted here. As for 3ds Max 2011, we are told that it will be easier and quicker to produce higher-quality images thanks to the introduction of new techniques for creating and texturing models and animating characters.

Finally, changes to Softimage mean that artists can now create more complex and higher-quality characters and effects much faster. For game developers, there will be new versions of Autodesk Kynapse and Autodesk HumanIK to get stuck into.

Sneak previews will be available online at Autodesk's website in the community area of their virtual Autodesk GDC booth or by viewing the Autodesk® MasterClass online. Presentations and MasterClasses will be available for on-demand streaming after the event.

Check out the full set of features here:

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