Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs arrive

Autodesk Subscription Advantage Packs arrive

Autodesk have started something new for those on support: it's called Subscription Advantage Packs. This is a way for those that pay the price of subscription to get new features dropped in, fast... One of the most awaited 'drops' is Mudbox on Linux!

I have highlighted a few of the new features below.

Autodesk Maya 2011

  • Substance procedural texture: achieve a wide range of looks with a new library of up to 75 substance procedural textures.
  • Craft animation tools: create more believable, complex camera movements that mimic real-world setups with 4 new camera rigs from the Craft Director Studio plug-in bundle.
  • Effects Assets: select from a range of easy-to-use effects, and assign them to an object as easily as assigning a shader.
  • Motion capture samples: use new motion retargeting capabilities with up to 70 new motion capture samples.

Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2011

  • Substance procedural textures: achieve a wider range of look variations. More easily iterate on a visualisation’s look with a new library of up to 75 substance procedural textures.
  • PhysX rigid-body dynamics: create more compelling and lifelike dynamic simulations directly in the 3ds Max viewport.
  • iray photorealistic renderer: create photorealistic images more easily using newly integrated iray rendering technology from mental images. Get predictable, physically accurate renderings without configuring settings.

Autodesk Mudbox 2011 software

  • Linux executable: Autodesk Mudbox software is now available as a 64-bit executable for the Linux operating system, enabling studios whose main content creation applications run on Linux to rationalize their pipelines.
  • Multiple joints: create, manage, and weight multiple joints to more quickly and easily deform and pose full-figure models.
  • New layer blend modes: combine and edit paint in powerful nondestructive ways, with 22 new layer blend modes that extend artistic possibilities and offer enhanced compatibility with Adobe Photoshop software.
  • Update topology: incorporate topology changes midstream in the sculpting or painting process to accommodate nonlinear decision making and better use parallel workflows.

Click here to download and see what's available.

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