Autodesk Scaleform

Autodesk Scaleform

Our friends Autodesk have recently released three user friendly packages for Scaleform users, Unity plug-in, Mobile Flash platform and Mobile SDK.

If you aren’t familiar with Scaleform, it’s an Adobe Flash based UI games middleware solution and has been used on over 1000 games titles like Crysis 2 & Batman Arkham City on XBOX 360 and Street Fighter 4 on PlayStation 3. Scaleform provides a streamlined solution to create hardware-accelerated 3D game menus, HUDs, animated textures, in-game videos and mini-games.

Scaleform can be easily integrated across platforms, developed specifically for maximum performance on all game platforms including XBOX 360, PS3 and PSVISTA, Nintendo Wii and 3DS, Mac, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices. It also provides seamless integration into major games engines like CryEngine 3, Unity, Unreal Engine 3 and Trinigy.

As if that wasn’t enough, Autodesk are now making Scaleform accessible for developers on budgets of all sizes. Want to get your hands on Scaleform? It is now available for £188.82 per seat/platform.

For more information about Scaleform get in touch with the Technology team.

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