Autodesk Maya, now truly unlimited? – Maya 2010

Our friends at Autodesk have made some pretty spectacular changes to their Maya package by consolidating their packages in to one. Gone are the days of Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited, we’re now left with one standard solution. So it might come at a higher cost but is it worth it?

In short, YES! Maya Composite sees the standalone product Toxik re-invented to allow high dynamic range compositing. Maya Live might be dead but long-live MatchMover.

Single users or small studios now have five batch Mental Ray licenses to enjoy so things can’t get any better! For those wondering what dispatcher to use for Mental Ray or Maya renders, Autodesk has kindly incorporated Backburner.

The big question is will it work all together? Well time will tell but there will be a million posts about the very subject. Even if Maya had any serious competition in the market place before, this announcement does raise the industry bar and will leave the others wondering how to catch up.

So how can you get your hands on the new look Maya? Maya 2010 is priced at £3050 + VAT. You can also still buy Maya Complete if you like, without any support for a limited time period.

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Mark Cass
Mon 24 Aug 2009: 9:20am

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  • Mark Cass:

    Hi all,

    So we have had a good look at Maya 2010. All of the new apps still launch as standalone. Actually Maya Composite is still launched as Toxik! So still plenty of work for the boys at Autodesk to do for the next release.

    There's plenty of value in the package but I think they are a few releases away from making all of the new toys work together...


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